The Incre-Tables

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An incredible table highlighting The Incredibles.

Super Picture Powers Secret Identity Background
Mr. Incredible bob Super Strength Robert Parr Married to Helen Parr and father of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Longs to go back to the days when the Supers were needed. Super strength and a super heart makes this guy one incredible man!
Frozone frozone Freeze Liquids and Ice Shooting with Hands Luscious Best Best friends with Bob Parr, dating back to the good old days when Supers were societally acceptable. Retired from hero work, but has all his old super gear available at the touch of a button. Power to freeze but can still melt any heart with his goodness (and his wife is the greatest good he is ever gonna get!)
Syndrome syndrome Gadgetry and Technology (none) Buddy Pine Self-made Super Villain, content to live without any actual super powers. Once looked up to Mr. Incredible, but an encounter with a villain deep from his past has left him jaded. Desires to end all the real supers so that everyone can be super (which is a fancy way of saying no one will be super).
Elastagirl helen Flexibility and Elasticity Helen Parr Strong and independent woman, never leaves the fate of the world to the men. Married to Robert Parr and mother of Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack. Retired from hero work, but motherhood is almost the same thing.
Edna edna Killa-Dilla Costume Designer Edna Mode One of the greatest fashion designers to date. Learns from her mistakes, and does not repeat them. Also known to be a unregistered motivational speaker. Need to pump-up? Go talk to Edna! Go! Fight! Win! (and look fabulous doing it)
Violet violet Invisibility and Force Fields Violet Parr Shy teenager who just longs to be normal, and her power of invisibilty directly mirrors this. She learns to embrace herself, and discovers some new powers along the way. And her favorite food is Tony-Loaf.
Dash dash Super Speed Dashiell Robert Parr Snobby kid that just wants to run. Constantly pranking his teachers, showing off to his friends, and (you guessed it) running. His mouth are about as fast as his feet, his quick wit and one-liners literally make this movie the cinematic gold that it is.
Jack-Jack jack Shape Shifting John Jackson Parr Baby with powers like a vengance! Thought to be powerless for the first year of his life, he finally releases his powers with full force. Baby got JACK!

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